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Dan Bongino

In the realm of American conservatism, few figures command attention like Dan Bongino. From his law enforcement background to his prolific media career, Bongino’s journey is both intriguing and impactful. In this comprehensive profile, we explore his biodata, career milestones, net worth, social media presence, religious beliefs, and delve into some lesser-known facts and controversies.

Early Life and Education

  • Birth: Born on December 4, 1974, in Queens, New York City.
  • Education: Bongino graduated from Queens College with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology. He later earned an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

Career Trajectory

NYPD Officer and Secret Service Agent

  • NYPD: From 1995 to 1999, Bongino served as a police officer in the New York City Police Department.
  • Secret Service: In 1999, he joined the United States Secret Service as a special agent. His tenure included protective duty during both George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s presidencies.

Political Aspirations

  • Congressional Campaigns: Bongino ran for Congress three times as a Republican, but faced defeat each time.
  • Media Career: He currently hosts The Dan Bongino Show on Rumble and was previously the host of Unfiltered with Dan Bongino on Fox News until April 2023.

Net Worth and Impact

  • Net Worth: Bongino’s wealth stands at approximately $20 million as of 2021.
  • Contributions: His career spans writing, public speaking, and political commentary.

Interesting Facts

  1. Secret Service Insider: Bongino’s memoir, Life Inside the Bubble (2013), provides a unique glimpse into his experiences protecting presidents and investigating federal crimes.
  2. Ethnicity: He identifies as Italian-American.
  3. Conservative Voice: Bongino’s passionate commentary resonates with conservative audiences.


  • Secret Service Background: Some former colleagues criticized him for leveraging his Secret Service history during political campaigns.
  • Wire Fraud Investigation: Bongino’s work contributed to indictments in a car rental fraud scheme.


Dan Bongino’s journey from the streets of Queens to the corridors of power exemplifies resilience and determination. His impact extends beyond politics, making him a multifaceted voice in American discourse.


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